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Firewall Capabilities software companies in india

Modern firewalls can do more than manage application communications and behaviors; they can also assist in other areas of network quality and performance. Features vary by manufacturer and brand for software companies in india, but you will probably find that you can solve other problems in your environment with the same firewall you use to secure network traffic.

Application and Website Malware Execution Blocking

In the old days (just a few years ago), viruses required a user to click on some disguised link or button to execute. If the end users were sophisticated enough to recognize the virus writers’ tricks, these viruses wouldn’t get very far. Modern malware can execute and spread itself without the intervention of end users of software companies india. Through automatic, browser-based execution of code (via ActiveX or Java, for example), simply opening a web page can activate a virus. Adobe PDF files can also transmit malware, due to their extensive underlying application framework. Firewalls with advanced anti-malware capability should be able to detect these “invisible” malware vectors and stop them in their tracks. They should also be able to block the communication “back home” to a Command and Control (CnC) server once malware successfully implants itself on a victim system and tries to reach back to its controller for instructions.


Firewalls that are sophisticated enough to detect malware can (and should) block it on the network for software companies in india. Worms that try to propagate and spread themselves automatically on the network, and malware that tries to “phone home,” can be stopped by the firewall, confining their reach. Malware control solutions should be layered, and the firewall can form an important component of a network-based malware blocking capability to complement your organization’s endpoint antivirus software.

Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevention

Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPSs) which included in centralized system. Firewalls can provide IDS and IPS capabilities at the network perimeter, which can be a useful addition or substitution for standard purpose-built intrusion detection and prevention systems, especially in a layered strategy.

Web Content (URL) Filtering and Caching

The firewall is optimally positioned on the network to filter access to web sites (between an organization’s internal networks and the Internet) of software companies in india. You can choose to implement a separate URL filtering system or service, or you can get a firewall that has the capability built-in. Today’s firewalls are demonstrating web content filtering capabilities that rival those of purpose-built systems, so you may be able to save money by doing the filtering on the firewall—especially if it doesn’t cost extra.

E-Mail (Spam) Filtering

As with web content filtering, modern firewalls can subtract the spam from your e-mail messages before they get delivered to your mail server. You can sign up for an external service or buy a purpose-built spam filter instead, but with a firewall that includes this capability, you have another option.

Enhance Network Performance

Firewalls need to be able to run at “wire speed”—fast enough to avoid bottlenecking application traffic for software companies in india. They should be able to perform all the functions that have been enabled without impacting performance. In addition, firewalls should be able to allocate network bandwidth to the most critical applications to ensure QoS, without sacrificing filtering functionality. As firewall features continue to become more sophisticated, the underlying hardware needs to keep up. If your network has a low tolerance for performance impact, you’ll want to consider firewall platforms that are built for speed.

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