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Mobile Content Management Top 10 Considerations Part 2

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Consideration #5: File Sharing

If an enterprise’s users need access to not only shared corporate documents, but also their own work materials, business leaders should select a mobile content management solution that allows both corporate and user content storage for asp.net software comapanies in india. With user storage, users should be able to manage the content they create, both through personal folders in the mobile application and through a web-based self-service portal. Users will be familiar with this kind of management, which is common among consumer file sync and share services.
AirWatch’s Secure Content Locker Collaborate offers storage for both corporate and user content. With the desktop client, users can synchronize content to and from their desktop and mobile devices. Users can also share files and folders with colleagues and other collaborators through the web-based portal.

Consideration #6: Editing And Annotating

The ability to collaborate via the MCM interface is paramount for companies that have remote or traveling workforces, or that share documents in the extended enterprise. Collaboration tools should allow not only mobile viewing, so documents can be accessed and viewed anywhere, but also mobile editing and annotating so they can be updated on any device for asp.net software companies india. Alternative file-sharing methods that lack editing and annotating capabilities have been shown by an IDG survey to be restrictive. The goal of an MCM solution should be enablement, rather than restriction.
More and more employees today demand an in-the-office experience for file viewing and editing from their mobile devices. And they should – the ROI for the ability to perform work anytime, anywhere is tremendous. The ability to do so conveniently via MCM is a significant incentive for employees to continue working when they are traveling, during a weekday commute, or the moment an email is received. MCM should enable employees to do more work more efficiently from their mobile devices, while simultaneously protecting corporate interests and preventing security breaches.

Consideration #7: Keeping Data Costs Low
Cost-conscious companies will want to consider choosing a MCM system that allows administrators to limit synchronization and downloading to Wi-Fi only. In other words, updated files will sync to the mobile only when it is connected to a Wi-Fi network. The ability to enable offline access on a per document basis is also an important consideration if data costs are a concern for c# .net software companies in india.
With Secure Content Locker, administrators can limit synchronization and downloading to Wi-Fi only and enable offline access on a per-document basis. These tools are designed to enable a mobile workforce while keeping data costs low.
The right mobile content management solution can help reduce a business’s operating costs in more than one way. Implementing mobile content management increases the ability to go paper free, or to significantly reduce paper consumption. According to a recent AIIM research report, companies can reap tremendous financial benefits by incorporating paper-free projects, such as MCM, into their business improvement initiatives. The report, “Winning the Paper Wars,” surveyed 562 information management professionals in organizations of all sizes. Results indicated that 74 percent of survey respondents have business improvement campaigns underway that would benefit from paper-free processes.

Consideration #8: Advanced Reporting
Analytics and reporting are essential for determining the success of a mobile content management program. Administrators should be able to gauge how well, and how much, their users are accessing and using content from mobile devices. The ability to analyze use can help determine the success of a company’s mobile content management initiatives, and even its mobility initiatives as a whole. And showing that users are accessing and downloading files frequently can help justify the expense of a mobility program for c#.net software companies india.
All device events, such as content downloaded, and console events, such as an added content category, are recorded and can be viewed from the admin console. Air Watch provides a complete audit trail for admin and user activities. IT administrators can generate and export file and user activity reports, such as how many times a file has been opened or which users have downloaded a particular document.

Consideration #9: Role-based Administrative Controls
The most effective MCM solutions allow advanced administrative control options. Centralized control is a key differentiator from consumer file sharing applications. It enables IT administrators to access a simplified view of all activity related to mobile content on a single screen. While most MCM vendors include centralized controls, companies should also ensure they are purchasing a multi-tenant system, which allows the administrator to manage access for large groups of users. A system that integrates with existing active directories will simplify group management even further.
Multitenancy also allows the delegation of administrative control across internal groups based on user role, so managers can manage user access rights and file privileges for the groups of employees they manage. Empowering multiple managers with administrative control is beneficial for several reasons. Appropriately assigned administrators will ensure that management of the entire workforce’s content is delegated among relevant leaders and not left in a single IT administrator’s hands. Furthermore, a manager of a group of employees will understand the content needs of his or her employees need better than the IT administrator.

Consideration #10: A global, Scalable Solution
Global business is on the cusp of a mobile revolution, which offers companies a tremendous opportunity to get ahead of the curve. The best mobility strategies create empowerment without sacrificing security. And giving users access to content is a key element in that strategy. If companies do not find a secure way to get content devices, with a solution employees will use, research shows they will find a way to do it themselves. Now is the time to give employees a certified, compliant way for them to use these technologies for asp dot net software companies in india.
The future is bright for mobile empowerment. Beyond the ability to work from anywhere, organizations will reap major benefits from access to broadcast channels through MCM. Both synchronous and asynchronous content collaboration will begin to proliferate among large organizations. But global businesses face an additional challenge when it comes to MCM. A company’s scale can be a challenge when implementing an MCM solution that will be used by multiple user groups in multiple locations.

Courtesy: Priyank Patel

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