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Firewall Features software companies in india

Firewalls are the first line of defense between the internal network and untrusted networks like the Internet. You should think about firewalls in terms of what you really need to protect for software companies in india, so you will achieve the right level of protection for your environment.

Firewalls have been one of the most popular and important tools used to secure networks since the early days of interconnected computers. The basic function of a firewall is to screen network traffic for the purposes of preventing unauthorized access between computer networks.

Firewall Features

Today’s firewalls are expected to do much more than simply block traffic based on the outward appearance of the traffic (such as the TCP or UDP port). As applications have become increasingly complex and adaptive, the firewall has become more sophisticated in an attempt to control those applications. You should expect at least the following capabilities from your firewall.

Application Awareness

The firewall must be able to process and interpret traffic at least from OSI layers three through seven of software companies in india. At layer three, it should be able to filter by IP address; at layer four by port; at layer five by network sessions; at layer six by data type, and, most significantly, at layer seven to properly manage the communications between applications.

Accurate Application Fingerprinting

The firewall should be able to correctly identify applications of software company in india, not just based on their outward appearance, but by the internal contents of their network communications as well. Correct application identification is necessary to ensure that all applications are properly covered by the firewall policy configuration

Granular Application Control

In addition to allowing or denying the communication among applications, the firewall also needs to be able to identify and characterize the features of applications so they can be managed appropriately for software companies in india. File transfer, desktop sharing, voice and video, and in-application games are examples of potentially unwanted features that the firewall should be able to control.

Bandwidth Management (QoS)

The Quality of Service (QoS) of preferred applications, which might include Voice over IP (VoIP) for example, can be managed through the firewall based on real-time network bandwidth availability for software companies india. If a sporting event is broadcast live via streaming video on a popular web site, your firewall should be able to proactively limit or block access so all those people who want to watch it don’t bring down your network. The firewall should integrate with other network devices to ensure the highest possible availability for the most critical services.

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