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Safety in Construction Site Part 1 software companies in india

Most accidents can be prevented by taking simple measures or adopting proper working procedures for software companies in india . This article is intended to outline important issues on safety and health that should be paid attention to on construction sites for easy reference by the workers. If we work carefully and take appropriate safety measures, there will definitely be fewer work injury cases, and our sites will become a safe and secure place to work in.

The Occupational Safetyand Health Ordinance, which came into operation on 23 May 1997, covers most workplaces in order to protect the safety and health of employees at work. Other legislation applicable to construction sites includes the Factories and Industrial Undertakings Ordinance and its subsidiary legislation, particularly the Construction Sites (Safety) Regulations.

Employee’s Responsibilities

Employees should cooperate in software companies india with their employers and other persons in complying with the safety legislation and guidelines, and should not do anything to endanger themselves and other persons.

Basic Rules for Safety

Tidy up construction sites
  • Keep passages clear all the time.
  • Sort out materials and pile them up safely. The stacks should not be too high.
  • Beware of floor openings and ensure that they are fenced or covered.
  • Remove refuse as soon as possible.
  • Provide sufficient lighting.
  • Familiarize with the location and the operation of fire-fighting equipment.
Safety measures
  • Before you operate a machine, ensure that the dangerous part of the machine has been installed with a guard.
  • Avoid going to any area with insufficient lighting as there may be some dangerous places which have not been provided with fencing.
  • Keep vigilant all the time and watch out for moving cranes, hooks or other lifting equipment.
  • Before you use any electrical installation or tool, check the condition of its electric cables.
  • Avoid dragging electric cables on the ground or allowing the cables to come into contact with water.
  • Use electrical tools installed with an earth leakage circuit breaker.
  • Use and handle chemicals with care.
Personal Safety
  • Wear protective equipment.
  • Do not drink or take drugs while working.
  • Pay attention to personal hygiene.
  • Do not play in the workplace.
  • Report to your supervisor immediately if you notice any unsafe condition.

Emergency Response to Accidents

You should have a good understanding of your working environment of software companies in india and the instructions given by your supervisor. When evacuation is required in an emergency, you should keep calm and find out:
  • What dangerous situation the alarm refers to.
  • The routes for evacuation.
  • The safe place that you should go to as designated by the company
When someone is found seriously injured, you should:
  • Keep calm.
  • Seek help immediately.
  • Accompany the injured person.
  • Assist in the immediate rescue work as far as possible.
  • Call the site safety staff.
  • Do not tamper with the accident scene while waiting for the arrival of the investigation team.
When a fire breaks out, you should remember:
  • Put out the fire with a fire extinguisher if it is a small fire.
  • If the blaze is out of control, do not try to extinguish the fire on your own. Call the Fire Services Department right away.
  • Always pay attention to the emergency telephone numbers posted on the notice board in the site office.

Tips for Workplace Safety


If you are engaged in falsework operation of software companies india, you should:
  • Check whether the falsework is erected in accordance with the design.
  • Make sure that the falsework is securely erected.
  • Check whether the struts of the falsework are secure.
  • Ensure that the props are erected vertically and arranged at a suitable distance in a row.
  • Report to your supervisor when any unsafe situation is found.

  • Do not use scaffolds unless they have been erected by trained workmen and under the supervision of a competent person.
  • Do not use a scaffold unless it has been inspected and certified safe by a competent person before use.
  • Strictly follow the instructions of a competent person. Do not alter the scaffold unless authorized to do so. Do not work on an unfinished scaffold.
  • When it is necessary to work on a mobile scaffold, lock the wheels of the scaffold before you start working.
  • Do not work on a scaffold unless it has been provided with a suitable working platform.

  • Do not work in a dangerous place unless its floor edges and openings have been installed with secure fencing.
  • If you notice any dangerous places that have not been installed with fencing or the fencing has been damaged, reinstall or repair the fencing. If this is beyond your capability, inform your supervisor at once.

  • Use a ladder which is of good construction, sound material and adequate strength.
  • Examine the ladder before using it and inspect it at regular intervals.
  • Place the ladder on a level and firm footing.
  • Place the ladder at an appropriate angle.
  • Ensure that the ladder has a sufficient length. The upper end of the ladder should be at least 1 meter above the landing against which the ladder leans.
  • Do not use a ladder unless its upper or lower end has been securely fixed or secured by another worker.
  • If there are electrical installations nearby, do not use metal ladders.
  • If work is carried out 2 meters or more above the floor, use a suitable working platform.

     Courtesy: Sanika Taori

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