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Personl Quality Management with Personal Software Process Part 2 software companies in india

Career Enhancement by Reducing Both Costs and Defects

As professionals, we Software Engineers must assume responsibility for the quality of the products we produce for software companies in india. Our employers pay us for producing not just software, but good software, high-quality software.

The quality assurance organization cannot be thought of as the people who are responsible for quality. Indeed, of all members of the organization, they are in the position that is least able to affect the quality of the product. Testing and other QA activities can detect defects and make sure that they are removed, but quality cannot be tested into the product at the end. Quality must be built in or it will be absent. Therefore, the software engineers are the ones who have the most direct impact on the quality of the product of software companies in india.

It is easy to lose sight of the tremendous costs that defects cause for our employers. Integration and system test can account for 50% of development time (and most of that time is spent in remediation and re-testing to eliminate the scores of defects that are commonly found). Then post-release defect mitigation and removal can cost more than the original development effort (including testing)! Supporting customers, investigating problems and releasing patches consume huge amounts of time and effort. And the cost of defects in loss of customer good will and market image goes beyond even that.

Defect removal costs escalate with each passing lifecycle phase. Different people have estimated different costs at the various phases, but they tend to agree that the costs rise (possibly even exponentially) with each passing phase. Regardless of the specific numbers one might cite, the cost escalation is obvious from the fact that we talk about removing "defects per hour" before Integration, and spending "hours per defect" during and after Integration.

Your value to your employer will be enhanced by your ability to produce salable (or usable) software at a minimum cost. Although the early defect detection and prevention methods we will discuss all have costs associated with them, they are demonstrably less expensive than removing the same defects later in the software lifecycle. So you can reduce costs through defect prevention and early defect removal, while at the same time producing more salable or usable software with fewer delivered defects. You enhance your career and value to your employer by exercising professional responsibility and managing your own quality.

Quality of Work-Life Issues

Practitioners of Personal Quality Management have also found that it has a positive impact on the quality of their work-life.

Most of us went into programming because we enjoy building things and seeing the results of our labor for software companies india. We like the challenge of figuring out how to attack a problem, of designing the structures and algorithms that will get the job done, and even of writing the code to make it all happen. And we like to see the fruit of our labor integrated into a system that meets people’s needs or provides an important service.

But between the coding and use, there is a long and (for most of us) painful time of fighting our way past defect after defect. It starts with the compiler leading us around by our noses, complaining about every little typo and syntax error, and often totally misinterpreting what the code was supposed to say. Then after achieving a clean compile, we try over and over again to get the program to do the right thing. It loops, it hangs, it crashes; and now the debugger is the thing that is dragging us around by the nose. For each problem we fix, there seems always to be another one lurking in the shadows. And even more frustrating is that too often our fix was the cause of the ensuing problem!

But releasing the software doesn’t end this frustration. Right when we’re in the middle of designing the next interesting program, we get interrupted to fix a latent problem. There is a fuming customer and an unhappy boss, so we must drop everything to make an emergency fix. And to add insult to injury, the interruption of our design work is likely planting the seeds for future problems and their interruptions and frustrations.

Personal Quality Management allows us to gain control over defects. Instead of being ruled by the defects in our software, we can gain the upper hand. We can understand them, find them, remove them earlier and even avoid them altogether. That means that we will spend a much greater proportion of our time on the tasks we enjoy, and less on the problems we missed. That is a significant improvement in our work-life!



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